Tools and Stuff

Everyone needs a little help. Ours comes in the form of tools and useful online resources. Note that this is a list that i use so i just add the tools on as i find them.

Buy Domain Names

Namecheap – In my opinion the only place to buy your domain names. Iv used them from the start and found that namecheap are the best.

Godaddy – Godaddy is over complicated in my opinion but they do have a large auction style place to buy domains which I have used in the past.

Expired Domain Names

Expired Domains – Find expired or expiring domains. Very easy to use, gives you lists of expired domains that you can snap up.

Web Hosting

Hostgator – A staple webhost thats been around forever. They keep it simple and, within reason, let you get away with murder!

Dreamhost – A great host. A bit more expensive than hostgator but they are are good.

Keyword Tools

Longtail Pro –  An amazing tool for finding easy to rank for keywords.

Google Keyword Suggest – A free tool from google that suggests keywords for you to use.

LSI Graph – Gives you LSI keywords that you can splatter around your articles.

Storybase – Give it a keyword and it gives you lots of questions and queries people are typing in related to that keyword.

Bloomberry – finds what people are asking about your niche.

Link Building Tools

Scrapebox – Its like a swiss army knife. There is very little you can’t do with scrapebox but its great for building tier 3 links or just for getting a page indexed.

Wikigrabber – Finds broken links in wikipedia.

Linkraider – Finds places to put your links.

backlinkwatch – Spy on your competitors backlinks.

SEO Tools

Side by Side SEO comparison – Shows you details of two or more web pages, lets you compare keyword densities, words on page etc.

Spyfu – shows you loads of info on any domain including keywords and ads they have running.


WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO – The number 1 SEO plugin for wordpress

Jetpack – Does a lot of stuff that you need! Like auto posting your content to twitter and facebook.

Everything Else!

Wayback Machine – Lets you look at what a website looked like back in the day, before it expired. Holds  cache of most websites.

Answerthepublic – See what questions the public has asked based on your keywords.