Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is an essential part of your sales funnel.

In theory every page of your website is a squeeze page. If you are building an empire based on our theory then every single page should be designed to extract your visitors email address. You need to add them to your list. The bigger your list, the bigger chance of success. But some pages are just built specifically to grab email and contact details.

Some people write huge amounts of text on their squeeze page. But i’m here to tell you it’s not necessary. The best performing squeeze pages are tight. They only have a headline, a couple sentences and a submit form, maybe a picture. And that’s it.

A good squeeze page can be the difference between a failing campaign and a successful, profitable business. A well written squeeze page will take you to the next level but you almost always need another component.

What is your user going to get out of this situation? You need to give them something in exchange for their email address. And you need to make it as easy as possible for them to sign up. Some people ask for name and email, I usually just ask for an email address, its less work for the user.

What can you give them? A PDF, A guide book, a leaflet….Anything of value to your users. Preferably something that they really need.

So every squeeze page should have certain components.

The Headline

Make no mistake, the headline is extremely important. Its the first thing the user sees and it will be the thing that causes them to read the rest of the page and ultimately sign up to your list.

You need to be specific. All your efforts and money have been spent trying to get a certain group of people to this stage. The headline needs to speak to these people and it needs to be very specific about what they are about to get.

Good examples :

’47 Free Facebook Ad Templates’

‘Free Report Reveals How To Lose Inches Without Dieting’

’47 Traffic Magnet Blog Titles You Can Use Today’

‘Ultimate List Of Blog Post Ideas’

‘Ultimate Adwords Template Library’

In some situations your headlines can be vague, to force the reader to continue reading. But in this case you need to be specific so that the user is compelled to give you his email address. People are very precious about these things, you they need to know what they are about to get and they need to be getting something that they really want.

The Body Text

Strictly speaking you don’t even need body text. If your headline is strong then you might be able to do without it. However, sometimes it helps to bump up the conversion. If you are going to include some text then you should be stressing the benefits and maybe a testimonial or two.

Keep it brief. This isn’t a sales page, your only aim here is to get the email address.

The Submit Form

Your submit form is the bit where your user puts in their email address and clicks submit. Some people include name and email address but I have found that less is more in this section. Just ask for the email address, its less work for people to complete.

Your submit button needs to have a clear call to action. ‘Sign Up Now’ Doesn’t cut it, you need a clear and concise call to action, telling the user what to do and what he will get if he does.


Don’t just stop at one squeeze page, split test a number of them. From the second you start sending traffic you need to start split testing. Set up at least a couple versions of your squeeze page with subtle differences between them and track what works.