Sales Funnels

OK lets start at the basics. What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a marketing system to make money. They are employed in most areas of marketing and are designed to get more leads, more sales and more money!

All funnels have the same purpose. They aim to take a customer from knowing nothing about you, to making a purchase. It sounds basic but it can actually become quite complex.

An online funnel usually consists of a squeeze page and an auto responder complete with email series. The squeeze page collects the email address’s and adds them to a list and the auto repsonder sends the series of emails to the list. But to set this up you first need to understand the stages that the customer goes through before they buy.

The customer buying stages

Before you can understand how the funnel works, you need to understand how a web browser becomes a customer. People who discover your website for the first time are unlikely to buy from you straight away. They don’t know you and they don’t trust you. So its your job to build the trust and guide them through the process.

An online sales funnel will usually follow the AIDA process and go through a few stages.

Awareness is created through advertising and your squeeze page and website. A follow up email will keep the process going.

Interest is created on the squeeze page and during your follow up email pages as well as other pages of your website.

Desire is created during your email campaigns and on your website in general.

Action is created within your emails to your leads and on your website sales pages.

The Funnel

Funnels can be very complex. But they don’t need to be. You send initial leads to a squeeze page that collects the email address’s. The email address’s are stored on a list. An auto responder starts sending out a series of pre-written emails.

This is the basic process but there is slightly more to it than this.

This is the exact process that we use every time : –

– Create facebook adverts that send traffic to a squeeze page.

– The squeeze page collects the email address’s from the traffic sent from facebook.

– Send user to thank you page, with low cost offer.

– Send out a ‘Welcome to the club’ email.

– Wait a day and then start sending an email series to everyone who didn’t buy your cheap product on the thank you page, send 1 per day. The first email makes them aware of the problem and offers the easy solution, offer it as if you are doing them a favour and show what they will gain. Email two will set out the logic in buying the product and the BENEFITS and desired result that will be achieved. Email three offer them the last chance to get the product at this price.

– The people who bought the cheap product should be shuffled onto a separate list, these are your buyers and can be sent higher value offers.

The aim of the above process is to convert visitors to customers. If somebody has already bought a cheap product off you then it is easier to sell them a high priced item as there is already some trust there.