How to Choose The Best Keywords With Longtail Pro

In this guide i’m going to show you how to find a bunch of high traffic, low competition keywords without putting any effort in. You will be able to quickly see how much competition there is and how much effort it would take to rank for the keywords.

Choosing keywords is the foundation of all web ventures, but its not as easy as just plucking them out of thin air.

What you need is a tool that you type your seed keywords in and it tells you exactly what related keywords people are searching for and how difficult it would be to rank for them. Longtail pro does just that.

Are you ready to find every high traffic keyword for your niche?

What you are about to learn

What is Longtail Pro

How to do keyword research

How to find low competition high traffic keywords

How to use these keywords

What is Longtail Pro?

Longtail pro is an extremely easy to use tool that will find high traffic, low competition keywords for you.

We are going to be using it a lot during this tutorial so you might want to go ahead and sign up for a free trial so you can follow along.

You can then monetise these keywords by creating content around them. Because they have little competition it is easier to rank your pages. It uses a simple web interface that currently looks like this :


Longtail pro web interface


It is amazingly simple to use. You start by setting up a project to store your keywords. A project in Long tail pro could be a website name or a page name, I always name the project as the main subject area. You type the name of the project in the box on the left and click the green button that says ‘Add Project’. This creates a project for you and adds it to the list on the left.

In the screen shot above, I have created a project called ‘Test’ and now it is sat on this screen waiting for me to start finding those keywords.

The next thing to do is to add a domain to the project. This should be the route domain that the keyword rich content is going to be used on as. Longtail pro will assess the domain for you and tell you your competitiveness. Once you click the ‘Add domain’ button, you can add the domain to the project and click save.

Longtail pro will now display the domain that you added and will show you the SEO metrics for this domain.

metrics seo

Its not really obvious why these are useful at the minute, until you start typing keywords in. All I will say at this stage is that you should pay particular attention to the Target KC as these give you an indication of how competitive your website is. (Note, i don’t actually have anything to do with John Chow at all, I just used it as an example because I love his blog!)

How To Do Keyword Research

Once your project is set up you are all set to start looking for keywords. You start by typing seed keywords into the box here :

keyword input

You can go ahead and alter a few of the settings if you like but i usually just change the maximum results per seed setting; 20 just doesn’t seem enough to me!

But what if you already have a list of keywords and you only want to retrieve the metrics for them? Well they have thought of that. You simply click the manual keyword entry instead.

Once you typed your seed keywords in, press retrieve adwords suggestions and you end up with your results :

As you can see the result is a little more than just a list of keywords, you also get some other really useful info. What does it all mean?


The average number of searches per month for this keyword.


The suggested bid that google estimates you would need to put in if you were to advertise for this keyword.


Indicates the competition you would face in the adwords advertising system for this keyword.


How many words there are in this keyword phrase.

Rank Value

The estimated monthly value of ranking for this keyword.

Avg KC

A number from 0-100 that indicates how difficult it would be to rank for this keyword.


The language of the keyword.


Which Google location the keyword came from


Various things you can do to the keyword, delete it from this batch for example.

Now, to be fair, most of these metrics you probably won’t use. The three that you would usually pay attention to are the volume, rank value and the avg KC. In my opinion these three metrics are enough to initially assess if the keyword is the one for you.

Now if you remember way back up the page, the target KC values that appeared when you added your domain to this project. The lower number indicates what Avg KC you should be able to rank for in Google. The upper number shows you what your website could possibly rank for if you added a few incoming links pointing to the content. This clearly shows you what keywords you should be optimising your content for.

You see how easily you can assess keywords with Longtail Pro!

How to find low competition high traffic keywords

There’s nothing like a real life example to see if it is actually any good. So lets try it out. It would be easy to look for internet marketing keywords because this is a market i know well. So instead I will randomly choose a niche from amazon.

Lets look for toys. I don’t currently sell or promote toys, but after this i may do!

Iv set up a new project called toys so i need some seed keywords based around toys. Il start with toys and see what comes up. This is the result :

This is a good example where you should not just blindly follow the results and start typing up your content. From these results, toy shop looks like a good option. Common sense should tell you that this will not be a good option.

Firstly it is too vague a keyword and secondly, although it shows as an easy score, this will be a competitive keyword.

You can click on any of the results and longtail pro will show you the competing websites. Lets click on toy shop.


These are established toy shops and in my opinion would be difficult to compete against. A better option would be to dig a bit deeper into ‘girl toys’. If you look to the right of the screen you can see 3 symbols next to each keyword. The middle symbol will let us dig a little deeper and use the keyword as the seed for another search.

When you are choosing your keywords you need to be as specific as you can. The theory is that if people are typing a specific term into google then they already know what they want, they are further into the buying cycle. Vague keywords mean that the user is researching and isn’t going to swipe their credit card just yet….Saying that you could target vague keywords for traffic and then monetize using adsense.

So I have clicked on girls toys and a couple of others that look attractive.


I have sorted the list by the average KC column to get the lowest competition at the top. As a rule of thumb i would not usually target any keywords above a competition of 45 as an absolute maximum. Looking at the example above ‘Horse toys’ does stand out as a good niche to dig a little deeper. It gets a lot of searches and has low competition.

In hindsight, toys probably wasn’t a good example but it gives you an idea of what you can do in five minutes with longtail pro.

How To Use These Keywords

Once you have done your keyword research you should have a definite list of words to base your content around. I sometimes build niche sites around keywords I have discovered as i dig around.

I would buy a domain name with the keyword in the url. Usually I would check over at expired domains first to see if i can find one that somebody has already promoted. Then head over to name cheap and snap one up. You can then load it with content, using your keyword list as a guide.

With existing websites, you would create new content based around the keywords you have found. Content should be at least 400 words and have a couple of pictures. One H1 tag and a couple of H2 tags.

Longtail Pro Conclusion

Longtail pro makes finding keywords a breeze. It is the fastest way to find profitable keywords that are easy to rank. Anybody can use it and the results are accurate and easy to use.

If you can live with the recurring monthly billing then its a no-brainer, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Pssst, did I also mention you can use it absolutely free for 7 days.