Email Responders

You can’t do everything yourself. Luckily, when it comes to emails you can automate virtually everything about them. Auto responders are available that will send mail out for you.

So what? You might say. An auto responder is an essential part of the internet marketing puzzle. Far from just sending out emails, the auto responder can send out sequences of emails. But more than that, you can tell it when to send them out and what triggers which emails.

This programmability (is that a word??) is what makes them so useful. It makes it a breeze to set up a 3 day course, or to segment subscribers onto separate lists. Its a very powerful marketing tool that you really can’t live without.

There are lots of options when it comes to email responders but in my mind there are only two worth considering:

– Aweber

– Mailchimp

We used mailchimp for a while but ran into problems when they accused us of affiliate marketing…..We then moved to Aweber and have used them problem free ever since.

Take my advise, use Aweber from the start. If you don’t then when you try to import your existing mail list all your subscribers will need to re-opt in and you will lose a lot of them!