Earnings Report 1 – Jun 2017

My First earnings report!

Im going to use these to track my earnings and make sure they are going in the right direction.

June Stuff

June has been a busy month, I bought a new car, went on holiday and bought new lighting for my humble abode…..Anyway, here is the first months earnings from this site. im removing the adsense and amazon and going to focus on longtail pro for this month using a couple of articles. One is a keyword research article that focuses on longtail pro….The others, I haven’t decided yet.

Earnings for June 2017

Amazon affiliates : $690

Google Adsense : $150

Longtail Pro : $75

Hostgator : $0

Scrapebox : $0

Total June Earnings : $915

Spendings in June

Hosting : £11.94

Services (blackhat world – web 2.0 network) : $125

Services (fiverr gigs – guest posting) : $30

Total Profit for June : $750 (I rounded it up, it makes me feel better!)

Aims for next month

Drive more traffic! Generate content for spekmedia. Aim will be to create an amazing guide to using longtail pro. I’m a major fan of this software, so it shouldn’t be too hard to explain why its so good!





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