Case Study 1 : Review of Longtail Pro

Everybody loves a good case study! Im going to keep updating this post as I do things to try and make money off my longtail pro review.

The article is a review of longtail pro but also a good tutorial on using the software. There are a few affiliate links throughout the article. I don’t know if people are going to click on them or even if anyone will read it. Lets find out!

Week 1

Content created and uploaded, find it at the link at the top of the page. Going to submit the page to lots of tutorial sites. Iv used this method before so I know it can drive a fair bit of traffic. This isn’t an idea I came up with unfortunately. Kim Roach of buzzblogger has a huge list of places to share your content and a section of it is tutorial sites.

Although I have earnings from longtail pro from another website, This one I’m going to start at zero so heres the current balance for this study.

Current earnings : $0